What transforms a good pilot into an expert? Well, very simple: training, training, training, … In the military permanent training is part of every soldiers life. The best training a soldier/pilot can get is an exercise which simulates a realistic scenario. An exercise is also a good way to show the taxpayer the capability of his/her Armed Forces. For us it is a great opportunity to get as close to the “real world” as possible.

In our Exercise review section you’ll not only find detailed coverage of some of the most interesting events including some background information about the operational histories of the participating units and aircraft! Just have a look:

GFD - Target Towing Company

On the surface not much seems to have changed since aircraft were first used for aerial target towing. Much more sophisticated target ... reviewed by Rob Kysela

AMPLE STRIKE 2016 - Namest AB

Air-to-ground missions executed by combat aircraft had and have one major shortcoming: the pilot often has a hard time recognizing ... reviewed by Rob Kysela

AXALP 2018 - Switzerland

I personally believe that a once in a lifetime experience is something that happens to everyone! Whether its seeing the pyramids, ... reviewed by Robert Kysela

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